Online, no one can hear you think.

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Online, no one can hear you think.


NetBackup Back Down

2012/04/05 § 3 Comments

It has been said that the enemy of progress is change. I think that’s quite an insightful statement, whatever the environment. Based on more than a decade’s worth of experience in Information Technology, it’s especially true of software upgrades.

I’d been running Symantec’s NetBackup 6.5 for quite a while with nary a problem. The promise of faster backups (150%!) with the latest version, 7.5, tugged on my nose ring and led me through the pasture gates and into the abattoir.

I’ve been battling an error thrown by 7.5 (error 69) which sternly contradicts the evidence of my eyes and factual experience that the Exchange databases were mounted. NBU 7.5 thinks they are not and refuses to continue. At least I think that’s what it’s complaining about:

Critical bpbrm(pid=5984) from client ExchangeServer: FTL – snapshot preparation failed – Unable to backup Exchange database. It may not be mounted., status 69

I’m confused because I don’t know which particular database it’s going on about—there are 10 of them. Also, I’m not certain what it means by “snapshot preparation.”

So NBU 7.5 is failing me in many respects, one of which is the 150%—or whatever the number actually is—increase in speed that only happens when you buy an additional option.

Yes, in case you ask, I’ve opened a case with Symantec Technical Support. So far, no dice. Weirdly, the guy I have working with me is named Fred. Unfortunately Symantec Fred seems to be useless as tits on a boar. The problem is I’m running out of disk space so, gasp, I may have to run a Windows Server Backup one-time job. Sigh.

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