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Long time no read. Oh well, it’s not like anyone ever reads the bloody blog anyway. That’s gotta change though, this is a way for me to organize my thinking. Actually, it’s a way for me to think.

Today, I was reading Tony Redmond’s blog. Tony Redmond sounds like a fake name, something in a pulp fiction detective novel or, dare I say, an 80s porn movie. Ahem. Rest assured, that’s his real name. Tony is a good writer in general and quite good at transferring information on Exchange server. His take on stuck messages in the OWA ‘drafts’ folder makes for easy & informative reading. Take a look.

Mail flow in most Mail Transport Agents—I’m thinking specifically of Sendmail or Postfix—is straightforward. Microsoft, not wanting to ever be accused of simplicity, decided that this was the way it would take care of mail flow through Exchange Server 2013:

Transport pipeline overview diagram

If you look closely, it all makes sense. By which I mean that, given the design considerations for something that does the work Exchange Server is supposed to do (a hell of a lot more than just SMTP) then implementing such a blitzkrieg of an algorithm is required.

With great complexity comes added responsibility however, and that is why no Exchange administrator will ever be out of work. Interested in reading more about Exchange 2013’s mail flow? Have at it.


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